Philip Leifeld

New publication in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

[2016-09-27] "Do narcissism and emotional intelligence win us friends? Modeling dynamics of peer popularity using inferential network analysis." This is the title of a new paper I have published in the PSPB with Anna Czarna, Magdalena Śmieja, Michael Dufner, and Peter Salovey. A postprint PDF of the article can be downloaded free of charge. The study is an innovative application of the TERGM to multi-group, multi-time-point networks and shows how narcissism leads to more, and emotional intelligence to fewer, friends among university students at first impression, while the relationships are reversed after some months. See also a press release by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology and another press release by the University of Glasgow. The paper is receiving news media coverage on BBC News, in the LA Times, Broadly (VICE), and Maxim, among others. The lead author, Anna Czarna, received the best poster award at the 18th European Conference on Personality for our work.