Philip Leifeld

Supervision of PhD Theses and Postdocs

I am seeking to supervise strong PhD students at the University of Glasgow - both students from Glasgow and from elsewhere who wish to study with me in Glasgow. In particular, I am interested in supervising theses related to social or political networks, computational social science, quantitative methods, the policy process, inferential network analysis, environmental or social policy, or similar topics. See my research profile for more details on the topics I am interested in. Various scholarship opportunities are available to fund your PhD studies or postdoc in Glasgow. The PhD programme starts in mid-September; fellowship applications usually need to be prepared in the year before. If you are interested in pursuing a PhD or postdoc project with me, please get in touch to discuss your project and look at the following scholarship opportunities:

A general overview of postgraduate scholarship opportunities at the University of Glasgow is available here. Many of these scholarships require a supervisor in Glasgow. Contact me if you are interested.

Some of these opportunities may be relevant for students currently finishing their bachelor's degree because we are offering a 1+3 PhD in Glasgow.