Philip Leifeld
Philip Leifeld


I offer consulting services for the private and public sector.

Areas of expertise

  • Network science, social network analysis, and complex social systems, including statistical modelling of network data and embedding network and systems thinking into business processes.
  • Computational social science and data science, including machine learning and prediction.
  • Statistical consulting, including maximum likelihood, Bayesian analysis, and multivariate statistics.
  • Programming and data workflows using Java, R, LaTeX, SQL, git, and other technologies.
  • Applications in technology, finance, politics, public policy, public administration, and other sectors.
  • Custom research reports and intelligence.
  • Training for employees and researchers.

I also work with colleagues and students in my wider network who can provide expertise, consulting, and intelligence/reports in related areas, such as geo-political risk and strategy, macro-economic risks, political economy, and survey design.

Get in touch

Consulting can either be arranged directly with me or by using the supporting administrative infrastructure of the University of Manchester.

Please get in touch to discuss rates and opportunities.

Previous engagements

I have collaborated with industry and third-sector organisations, such as leading market intelligence providers in the alternative assets industry and research funding bodies, to implement graph databases and statistical modelling of networked data into their client-facing workflows or to evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies using academic rigour. I am happy to provide details on request. I have consulted in the UK and the U.S. so far.

Your benefits

  • Scientific practices and standards.
  • Access to the wider network of experts from the University of Manchester and other universities.
  • Transparent and fair discussion of potential projects and collaborations without initial fee.
  • Opportunities for continued collaboration through student internships, joint applications for knowledge transfer partnership grants, collaborative PhD supervision etc if desired.