Philip Leifeld

Discourse Network Analyzer (DNA)

The Java software Discourse Network Analyzer (DNA) is a qualitative content analysis tool with network export facilities. You import text files and annotate statements that persons or organizations make, and the program will return network matrices of actors connected by shared concepts. There is also an R package called rDNA for integration with the statistical computing environment R.

You can find lots of information including screenshots and a user manual on the project homepage at GitHub:

I wrote the Discourse Network Analyzer for my PhD project on "Discourse Networks and German pension politics." I won two research awards for this work. You can watch one of the award videos here.

There used to be a mailing list called "DNA-help" on this website. With the move to GitHub, the mailing list is no longer available. If you have any questions or want to discuss about DNA, you can now use the issue tracker on the GitHub project homepage. I will try to port the message archive of the mailing list to the project homepage soon.